21. Listen To The Viking

21. Listen To The Viking

I’m going to start with a rant. 

It’s a very good rant from a good friend of mine who happens to be an IT genius, owns his own Internet company, is launching some pretty cool software for salons, is my cohost on my podcast, and is a Viking who is built.

And what’s not to love about Vikings?

I digress, here it is:


Talking about hairdressers...

Are most of them morons?

I went to get a haircut the other day. Had to try someone new because my

‘old’ alcoholic barber has had his share of personal issues lately.

Anyway, it was actually the owner who cut my hair that day (I don't

think she usually does - she has people working for her).

We started chatting about business.

And what has puzzled me about hairdressers and barbers for a while is why

they don't try to book people in to cut their hair more often.

Like, I probably should cut my hair every 6 weeks or so. But I always

forget and delay because I simply can't be bothered to pick up the phone

to schedule an appointment.

I asked her if she had a follow-up system...Which she didn't.

No surprise there.

But it didn't seem that she even wanted one. She just sort of shook my

questions off and talked about something else.

My previous barber was like that too - I asked him several times why he

didn't just make new appointments right then and there, and remind

customers by text message a day or two before the appointment.

His answer was like, "I don't do that kind of thing. I don't want to. I

want them to call me when they want their hair cut. I don't want to be


I think a men's cut is like £30ish.

If I should cut my hair every 6 weeks, that's an average of 8 haircuts a

year. But I don't. It's probably more like 4 times a year.

Say he had 100 customers. If he started following people up, perhaps he

could get 30% of his customers to cut their hair every 6 weeks.

That's an extra £3600 a year just by sending a few text messages.

And stuff like that is dead easy to automate.

I just don't get it. It’s so bloody simple! AND easy!

And they don't even ask me if I want to buy hair gel. If they did I

probably would buy. But they don't ask, so I don't.

I get that they don't know about - or think about - the possibilities out


What I can't understand, is why they appear to not WANT to grow their


Love, Vegard


Now don’t make the mistake of thinking that because he is just talking about hairdressers, your salon or spa is exempt. 

It’s not. 

I’ve been in plenty of salons, spas, beauticians, aestheticians and hammams and I have sadly and frustratingly experienced the exact same thing. 

Countless times.

It’s ludicrous how much money you are leaving on the table when you don’t ask for the next appointment.  When you don’t relentlessly follow up. 

Money that will be snapped up by your competitor, or others, who you don’t even deem as being in the same league.

That should hurt.

A lot.

There is no reason not to follow up.


Unless the client has told you no.

And to remind you why relentless follow up works, it gives you:

  • Almost unlimited bites of the cherry: A client is only ready to buy when they are ready to buy, and you are there when they are.
  • Long-lasting profitable relationships: The more you get to know your client, the more you know their needs and wants, and the more you can tailor your products and services to them so that ‘selling’ becomes easy and pleasurable - for both parties. A long-term loyal client is one who is likely to buy all of your products and services. They may have come in for a basic blow-dry, but they will be the ones that also buy your £600 treatment further down the track.
  • Trust and Authority: The more your client gets to know you, the more trust they have in you, and you will stand out as an authority.
  • A structured method of sales and upsells: Instead of thinking, “Oh, I forgot to sell her some shampoo” as she walks out of the door, there is a structured, methodical way of handling each and every client, with no one left behind. Everyone is exposed to the opportunity to buy from you.
  • Processes, not one-off sales events: Particularly important if you have staff or are looking to sell your salon.  If you have a written, formalised, process for relentless follow up, your staff should be able to follow it with consistency.  Anyone looking to buy your salon will see exactly how and when your money comes in, and how that would continue long after you’ve gone.
  • Much bigger lifetime client value: This is pretty self-explanatory, but if you are relentlessly following up with a client and they are buying more from you, they are worth more to your business.
  • Great clients: We buy from people we like; we like people who are like us. Once you’ve repelled the chavs, peasants and commoners through relentlessly being in their face, the ones who are left will be the ones you like and the ones who will like you back.
  • A long-term business view and plan: Instead of jumping from month to month, or high-season rush to quiet time of the year doldrums, you can plan your marketing and make the peaks and troughs redundant.

So now you can tell the Viking that you do know the possibilities out there and no excuse.

Next time I want to go deeper into one of the ways you can be in your clients face 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. 

It’s something you probably do on a daily basis but don’t think about. 

It’s simple and effective. 

And, if done the QBofE way, it’s guaranteed to bring you a ton of money.

Until then.



P.S. Now you can argue until you’re blue in the face with an official with nothing more than a wounded soul, you have every right to be in the country as you have a valid visa. 

But when that official manhandles you and forces you to book your ticket at practically gunpoint, you’d better have bigger balls than mine to refuse. 

Not to be deterred, Jaydyn flies out of the country and then flies back in the same day and goes through immigration and gets another 30 day tourist visa, no problem at all. 

Just in time to turn up to his job to start his day. 

Only to be told that he was now suspended pending investigation into his conduct, etc., etc., which culminated in him being sacked. 

Yip, add insult to injury. 

Not only had he lost his phone and wallet, been thrown into a prison system that has not heard of human rights, made to pay a large fine with no money, told he had ‘wounded someone’s soul’ and been forced on a plane, done a round trip and turned up for work knackered, but thankful to be alive and in one piece, but also be sacked even before he had told his story.

Forgetting that it is really no business of your employer what goes on in your private life, and the fact if the employer had done their job in the first place he would have had a permit in his passport and none of this would have happened. 

But hey ho, Jaydyn has to accept the conditions… 

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