28. Have You Noticed Everyone Lies About Themselves?

28. Have You Noticed Everyone Lies About Themselves?


Simply getting your message in front of your ideal client.

Marketing encompasses the whole strategy of getting a potential client to become an actual client in your business, but advertising is the specific tactic you use to hang your message on to persuade your prospect to take the next step. And that next step is most likely to persuade the prospect to start a relationship with you, so that you can sell them something once you have established trust and they are ready to buy.

Advertising is an active process and requires you to actually do something, as opposed to sitting about waiting for someone to see your website or high-street salon ‘organically’ through random chance.

So you want to channel or funnel your ideal client towards you either online, via adverts on platforms such as Google, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, Bing, YouTube ads; or offline in magazines, newspapers, radio, sales letters, postcards and the like.

But for your adverts to be remotely successful you should always follow the AIDA formula - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Get their Attention with their problem, which you are going to solve, and then establish their Interest by agitating their pain and hinting at your promise of a solution. Now create Desire with your proposition about your promise of being able to solve their problem, provide social proof in the form of testimonials from others who had their problem solved from the same solution, and provide a strong Call to Action with what they need to do in order to get that solution.

Think of it like writing a profile for an online dating site. In fact anything to do with dating, porn and sex can be used as ideal examples for marketing, but that’s another story. In your online dating profile you aren't going to get very many hits by listing the features of your ideal partner, tall, funny, doesn’t spend hours in the shower etc.

But by using an Attention grabbing Headline:
“Have you noticed everyone lies about themselves?”

Creating Interest by following on from the headline to keep them reading:
“Are you tired of dating profiles that are too-good-to-be true and when you meet them that’s exactly what they are? Online dating profiles are notorious for lies or wrapping up insecurities and flaws in half-truths and wishful thinking. Well I am sick of that too, so I want to tell you that I am short, only 5ft 2in, am not fit, muscular or toned because I eat chocolate and prefer a glass of red wine to a session in the gym. I am quiet at parties, enjoy lazing about on a beach, and I actually enjoy my job. So what can I offer you?”

And then create Desire to follow on to the next stage:
“Well I am a good cook so you will never be hungry, I will never interrupt or get nasty if you want to watch sport on telly, and I will remember your mother’s, sister’s, father’s and grandparent’s birthdays and anniversaries and send them a card and a gift on time.”

And then requiring them to take Action:
“Reply to me now at [email protected]

Yes, this was an actual advert on a dating site and as you can imagine it received plenty of hits. Not only did it follow all the elements of the AIDA formula, but the woman had clearly got a good idea of her ideal client and their wants and desires. And it wasn’t all about her.


Check your ads and see how you can improve them. Otherwise it’s just money down the drain.


P.S. A friend of mine, Erin, who also works for a local company commended me on doing something that so obviously made sense (abducting my personal trainer), but most people wouldn’t have thought off.

She noted we get so immersed in the ‘thing’: What is right, how to act, what everyone else is doing, and doing what everyone else is doing so as not to offend, to stay below the radar so you're not noticed, so you don’t see the alternative.

You don’t realise there is an alternative, and what is more outstanding is the alternative is a logical and rational answer.

Because you are clinging to the ‘way it’s done' because everybody else does it that way, you don’t necessarily act rationally.

You act according to the moment or the perceived rules. You don’t question the rules or you have stopped questioning them in case you're wrong.

Sometimes you are just blind or oblivious to the alternative because you haven’t been shown a better way.

Well stick with me, because that's about to change...


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