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Natural Nails for 2024?

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen so far in 2024 is the natural nail with many of our favourite celebrities and influencers giving their nails a break from acrylics and moving over to BIAB!

If you’re wanting to give your nails a little bit of attention, but are worried about going all natural, fear not! We have spoken with Robbie Tomkins, Celebrity Manicurist and Protein Formula Brand Ambassador to discuss weaning ourselves off gel mani’s and how to strengthen and repair our natural nails. 

Weaning yourself off gel manicures, what can you do instead?

“There really isn't an alternative to a gel manicure that will perform the same way. If you have damaged and weak nails and nail health is a primary concern, then I’d say going cold turkey and taking a complete break from any products whilst using a targeted nail strengthening treatment is the only sensible option. If, however you simply can't bear to have naked nails then I’d recommend using a nail strengthener, such as Protein Formula Strengthen Formula 4 and normal nail polish with a gel effect topcoat.”

How to help your nails recover after wearing gels for a long period?

“First things first, if you’ve decided to take a break from gel, it's essential to visit a reputable professional nail salon or book a home visit from a qualified nail tech to remove your gels for you. Explain you are taking a break from gel which will affect the removal process. Some nail technicians leave a very thin layer of gel, usually if BIAB has been used, on the natural nail if they are cracked or severely damaged to add a little strength as they grow out. It's worth noting though that missing one treatment won't make a huge amount of difference as fingernails grow about 1/10 of an inch a month meaning it can take up to six months for complete regrowth.”

What products would you recommend to help strengthen and repair nails after prolonged gel nail wear?

“I would recommend using a nail strengthening treatment, as mentioned above – Protein Formula Strengthen Formula 4 is my go-to. Not all treatments are equal though and this is not a one size fits all situation so look for a system that targets specific nail issues such as dryness or soft, peeling nails. I have been using a new prescriptive nail treatment from the brand Formula which does just that. They have four targeted and very different formulas to address most nail issues including one for those lucky ones amongst us who need to maintain healthy nails.”